Friday, June 12, 2009

New Jammies

A new pair of pajamas isn't your typical blogworthy material. However, this particular set has had quite an impact on our household. This is the first pair of pj's Isaiah has worn that have been the 2 piece style with open feet and he is loving the freedom of rubbing his feet on everything! (this is his new obsession-all textures must be felt with his hands, and then he hoists his leg up to feel with his toes too....don't ask me!)Normally, this would be great, but Isaiah has been waking up in the middle of the night ready to play and kicking his feet all over the place. I've become so exhausted that I have resorted to pretending to be asleep so he rolls over and wakes up his dad! He looks so cute and snuggly in his jammies that Nick can't resist and he ends up cuddling with him until he falls back asleep (usually an hour later-YIKES. I put him in one of his old pairs of pajamas last night, and he did better, but they just aren't as cute. Here are some pictures so you can see what I mean. The t-shirt says "Who You Callin' Crabby?" and there are crabs, and octopus all over it. The bottoms are snug so you can see his long skinny legs and diaper adorable.
These were taken the morning after a rough night (love the bed-head!

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  1. I just love these pictures, especially the second one because of the look on his little face.