Saturday, September 4, 2010


For the last few days, The Boise Classic Balloon Festival has been going on downtown. We decided to wake up early this morning and take Isaiah since he LIVES for these sorts of things. I thought he would be a little grumpy waking up at 6:30, but he understood why, and was all smiles and excitement the whole way there.

We started out at Ann Morrison Park where they launched 30 balloons. Isaiah got to walk up and touch the red Coca-Cola balloon as it was inflating...he thought that was awesome.

After they had all launched, we drove up to the Old Train Depot and watched from the top of the hill. One of the balloons landed on the tracks right by us. It was a ton of fun! I absolutely love living in a city where we are able to experience these events (without requiring a snowsuit and mittens)!