Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isaiah's Happy Feet

Isaiah loves "Life is a Highway" and requests we play it over and over. He just came in from running in the sprinklers, and this is the little video we took while he was eating a snack.

Lots of Pictures

This summer has been so busy, and we are not even midway yet. We just got back last week from a trip to Idaho Falls where my mom's family had a reunion up at Heise. I really love spending the 4th of July in Idaho Falls. Isaiah had a blast at the parade even though it was about 50 degrees. We didn't take him down to the river for the fireworks though. I think he is still too little. We bought a few small fireworks instead. I am kicking myself for forgetting my camera. Here is a plethura of cute little pictures I have been saving for a while now:

Isaiah demonstrating the proper way to do Itsy Bitsy Spider

Our Day at the Morrison-Knundsen Nature Center:

Isaiah acts soooo cool everytime he puts on these dragon sunglasses. He pulls "The Uncle Will Face"

Three days ago, all on is own, Isaiah decided it would be a yummy snack to dunk his Oreo cookies in a glass of milk! What a good idea. Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?