Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Time Flies

I don't know exactly when it happened, but our little Isaiah just took a giant leap one day from being a sweet little newborn-ish baby into Mr. Personality! We are going to be celebrating his 6 month birthday on Monday, and I wanted to give a little update on all the new things he has been up to.

We started letting Isaiah have a few spoonfuls of baby food at night and in the morning this last month just to give him a taste and to get the ball rolling there. I had no idea I would be dealing with such a food connoisseur! If it is something he likes (bananas, pears, peas, green beans), he smacks his lips and says "Mmmmm" and "Ahhh". Then he tries to grab the spoon and feed himself because he is also Mr. Independent. If it is something he doesn't like (squash, sweet potatoes, rice cereal) he pulls a sour face and spits it out. We also started giving him water in a big boy cup, since he tries to drink ours every time he sees a bottle in our hands. This photo was taken at my sister Lisa's house that first day with the cup. Isaiah would not put down his sippy, he was so proud of himself!

Nick travels quite a bit during the work week, but when he is home, Daddy=Party Time!!! Isaiah lights up every time he sees Daddy and just wants to play. This can be a problem when he wakes up at 3am, and sees Dad sleeping next to him. The next thing we know, Isaiah is cooing and giggling trying to get our attention to wake up and play! So often when playing, we will count "1...2...3!!!" and then we will toss him in the air, or jump out from under the blanket we were hiding under, or whatever it might be. Isaiah has learned that after "3", something good always happens, so now, we only have to say the words "One....Two...." and we can get a great laugh out of him, even if we never end up getting to "Three"!

Isaiah is also making lots of friends in our new neighborhood thanks to bootcamp. Every morning, he gets to play with Ross, Aiden, and my neighbors daughters Ruby and Macy. He also has a little friend Coleman, who is also 6 months old. Coleman's mom works at the playcenter at the Idaho Athletic Club and sometimes I take Isaiah in to play while I get some cardio in. The two boys play on a blanket together and roll around from back to tummy and give each other the stare-down. They are really cute together. I think it is great for Isaiah to have a chance to branch out and be around other kids. It's good for Mom to be around other adults too!

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  1. wow! 6 months already! time just flies by. you look great by the way!