Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bootcamp WHAT?

Every so often, I get the urge to refocus and get back into a healthy lifestyle. Now I'm not talking about getting myself to the gym, or choosing the grilled chicken salad instead of the greasy burger...those are things I try to do on a regular basis anyways. I am talking about going through the pantry with a garbage bag to ensure there isn't a scrap of anything that might tempt me in there, stocking up on whey protein, and putting myself on a strict schedule to make sure I work out each and every muscle by the weeks' end. It sounds kind of crazy, but it really gives me something positive to work towards.

I haven't had one of these urges since I was 38 weeks pregnant. As my due date approached and my clothes grew increasingly snug, I planned it all out in my head...."Ok, Nick is going to take 4 weeks off when the baby is born, so I should be able to start going to the gym to at least walk a couple of miles each day the 1st week post-partum. Then by 3 weeks I should be able to do a light jog, and then by 6 weeks, I should be right back in the full swing of things, lifting weights and all. WISHFUL THINKING!. Although labor and delivery were a breeze, the adjusting to life with a baby was not. I had never felt so exhausted in my life, my hormones were wacky, and the last thing you want to do when you are engorged is run. Those first couple of months went by in a blur.

What was I thinking? I had to get my priorities stright. Plus, once Isaiah was here, he was all that mattered to me and I wanted to give him 100%, which is what I did. Within a few weeks, I had lost most of my pregnancy weight anyways and I was happy with that for the time being.

Fast-forward to the present. Isaiah is almost 6 months old, and the weather has been in the 80's. and I haven't gotten into non-maternity summer clothes since 2007! Yikes! That's where the bootcamp comes into the picture. My neighborhood HOA is hosting a program where a personal trainer conducts a ladies only bootcamp class in the park 4 days a week for 8 weeks. I originally signed up because I am brand new to this neighborhood and I am dying to meet some of my neighbors, but now I am feeling my old self kick into gear. I am getting pumped and cannot wait to get back into shape! I talked my sister Becky into doing the program also....this should be interesting-I will keep you posted on how it all turns out. Wish me luck. I am gonna need it!


  1. You are both going to do awesome! That is, if you can find it in yourself to skip over the chocolate cake mixes while grocery shopping ;0) Good luck!!


  2. It sounds painful, but you have great discipline. Best of luck!