Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's What Aunts Are For!

We had a fun-filled week visiting all our family and friends in Idaho Falls these last few days. It was nice to catch up and everyone was happy to see Isaiah. We were also able to catch one of Nick's softball games since he still plans on playing with his old team in Idaho Falls whenever he is working there. It's so funny because this season, all the families came back with a new addition. There were tons of new babies at Community Park and it was exciting to meet all of the little ones!

As always, Isaiah learned a few new things from his aunts. Debbie taught Isaiah how to drink water from a straw, which he loved. The negative is that he now lunges toward anything in my hands that has a straw and demands to share. Bonus...I no longer drink anything that comes with a straw which means more water for me! Hooray for cutting calories!

Aunt Jessica had the honor of introducing Isaiah to his first sweet treat. He gummed a Nilla Wafer while Jessica held him. He was a little unsure at first, but once he got a taste, he wasn't letting her or the cookie out of his sight. Looks like he inherited his mom's sweet tooth...poor little guy.

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  1. It was great seeing you guys. Can't wait to stop over in Boise in a few weeks!