Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Little Triplets

Isaiah has been having so much fun with his cousins this summer. A couple of weeks ago Ross and Aiden decided to break out the "Tiki Soaky" sprinkler after dinner. I hadn't brought Isaiah's swimsuit, but luckily Ross went upstairs and found a spare. It happened to be the identical match to the one he was wearing (it was Aiden's). Isaiah was so excited to be able to join in. I put the swimsuit on him, and then rubbing his tummy through the silky shirt he turned to Ross and said "Hey, we're twins! Ha Ha Ha" Pretty funny joke from a two year old. The two of them were inseperable the rest of the night.
Aiden was the little ring leader. He discovered it was funny to sit on the sprinkler and try to run away before the volcano erupted and shot water into the air like old faithful.
He talked Ross into trying it, and Ross ended up soaked. Here is the photo of him trying to persuade Isaiah.
Isaiah wrinkled up his eyebrows and said "MMMMM No Thank You!" and ran away.

Yesterday we all went to the farmer's market and I took all three boys in my car and met up with Becky, Cameron, and Emily downtown. It was really crowded and I was outnumbered so I made the three of them hold hands so no one got lost. I kept getting some strange looks and didn't know why until one lady asked how old my triplets were. I laughed as I told her "the twins were my nephews and they were 2 years older than Isaiah". You do have to admit there is a strong family resemblance.

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  1. So much fun!! They really could all pass as brothers. I had to look really closely at the picture of Isaiah and Ross in their matching suits to see who was who!