Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Fun!

Our Pumpkin Fun Day!

We recently spent an afternoon picking out some pumpkins for our front porch. Isaiah had a great time "helping" with the big pumpkins, and we made sure he also picked out a little one just his size.

Well...although Isaiah has been walking for a few weeks now, he is still very unstable and takes a nasty crash now and then. I have resorted to following close behind him, half hunched over, ready to catch him if he is headed for a wall, or a corner. Usually he will lead me into his room to play, or over to the baby gate to try to coax me into taking him downstairs, but ever since we put all the pumpkins on the front porch, he just walks over to the front door and then knocks until we go out and check on his baby pumpkin. He waddles over to it, picks it up and makes the cutest noise as if to say " HERE you are!" Then he sets the pumpkin back down and we can then go on with the rest of our day. Very adorable!

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