Monday, August 10, 2009

Isaiah is on the Move!

Sooo...Isaiah does the fastest Army crawl I have ever seen! He has been slowly scooting around for the past couple of weeks, going from one side of his room to the other (maybe 4 feet across the floor), and all of a sudden, he has decided to go double-time. Today I was working in the kitchen making corn bread muffins to take to a BBQ, and Isaiah was playing with some toys in the adjoining living room. I would glance over the counter every couple of minutes to make sure he was doing alright and I could also hear him making a bunch of cute noises. Normally, I can tell when he is cruising around because he makes dramatic grunting noises, but this time he was being very sneaky. All of a sudden, he started giggling and i hear this "SMACK SMACK SMACK!" ...more giggles. I glance over the counter and I can't see him in the living room. Panic sets in until I notice he made his way all the way into the kitchen and was right below me. The "SMACK" was him slapping his hands on the hardwood floor. It must have felt a little different than the carpet he is used to, and that was funny to him. I think it is time for some baby gates!

Isaiah is also working on pulling himself up. He loves to use his dresser as a jungle gym, pulling out a couple of drawers to give himself some leverage. I always make sure I am right next to him whenever he does's kind of scary-not sure how I feel about it. He also uses his big wooden toy to pull himself up. He always looks around after he does it as if to say: "Do you see how cool I am?" He makes me laugh all day long!

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  1. Wow, he looks like such a big boy when he's standing on his own! I love his overalls to BTW :0)